Saturday, December 29, 2007


Zoltán asked me about a cycling, and i said ok:P why not (2 hours in freezing:)). So we visited the wild-wild village world xD. Dogs usually means a lot problem, because if you ride the bike they become mad, and can't get rid of them:). Let's take some walk:P, some of them quite friendly, you can even stroke them:). Anyway after fourth time landing on my ass (because of icy roads... :D) i was a little bit more careful:), so no more falls, just almost:). I'm laying in bed now:) ... There are some deers in the second picture, but they are quite far... That 3 dog in the first picture started to run after us madly:D:D, the other 2 was really friendly, just more currious than should be:). I'm thinking about buying something to hang my phone, so i can take more pictures:).


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