Friday, January 4, 2008


Finally i got my Panasonic TZ3 it's awesome! Some technical details: 7,2mpix, 10x optical zoom, 28mm wide, 3" display, and 1/2000 - 60 seconds shutter speed, optical stabilizer. I noticed only 2 backside yet: you can't set the shutter speed in manual mode, well it's not a pro machine, so thisone is acceptable, but i would like it:), the other one is the battery capacity time, it's quite low. I'm going to buy an other battery too. So now i'm triing^^, haven't got any so good camera yet, have to learn a lot:).

Some test pictures, most of them taken in complete dark with 1 minute shutter speed. Sometimes it's even brigther than what i can see with my own eyes, this was really amazing for me:)! I take some tomorrow at home daylight^^.

Some other pictures taken home:


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