Monday, February 4, 2008

Leaf diagram

Some people asked about how to create the leafs, so i decided to share it:). I ask only one thing: use this album for share.

Link to the album (higher quality)


mrsriggins said...

Thanks again for making the video! I really love your leaves they are so pretty. Looking forward to more
<3 Mrs. Riggins

Ádám said...

Thank you:)!

Adam said...

Thanks for this diagram. The leaves look really natural. Best origami leaves I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Very good work!!!!
I am impressed with your creations. i was hoping you can help me on a little project of mine. In my free time I would make miniture origami 3d tulips bout half a centimeter in size(the smaller the better), I would place them in glass vials. Sometimes it is kinda bit dull since I have just a stem of green on it plus the tulip. I was hoping that you can give me suggestions of the kind of leaf that would be best suited for a tulip or even a diagram for it. the smaller the better.
looking forward for you response

HENDRIX said...

hi, good job. I like your leaf origami. I think an gonna try making versions of this. :D

Am an origami enthusiast. My name's Hendrix by the way. I'll leave you an email,

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