Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pentagon rose

Well finally i managed to make it:) based on the new kawasaki rose method, or... well it's widely used by tessalation folders too... i mean the paper twisting:). I draw the crease pattern with pencil, so actually it's not that pure folding thing. I understood how the new kawasaki rose builds up, so i don't need folding because i know wich line will be wich edge, so actually i need the lines for the twist and some other edges only. Since i'm using silk paper... before sticking the papers together it's thin enough to make a backside fast copy from a master drawing, so it's speeds up creating...:) Thisone is the first wich finished form 3tries, first the pattern was sucks... the other become that pentagon flower i posted before... and now:P i like it:) Sorry about the pictures... i don't have equipment for evening shots:).


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