Monday, February 18, 2008

Rose from last week

Folded it last week, it was too dark to take good picture...:)


Lady Vanilla said...

well done Adam ! these Roses look so real :),care to share the diagrams ?

A :)

Ádám said...

Thanks:) Wow your cakes looks awesome:) i like them:P

well since Phu Tran not allowed to diagram his rose, he would be probably angry if i would publish my modification, and i don't want to be headhunted:D. so maybe later one time...:)

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...


Congratulations on some beautiful roses. And thank you for having some respect for Phu Tran's wishes. It's very honorable of you to take into account his feelings.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. nice one man! I'm also a folder but still starting out so I'm kinda sticking to diagrams. Can I ask for an advice about CP's? I really wanted to try folding from CP's.

Ádám said...

Hi there,

Check out this forum topic:
You can try these, but I don't recommend for first:

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