Friday, February 15, 2008


My last skating advanced into a hospital visit:):) not in visitor status:(. I made a flying in horizontal:), managed to do it in front of the crowd by the enterance, it was kinda a fun show for them:). I was overcouraged because it was going quite good:). My friend noticed it too:). "are you training in secret?:)" So i went to the medical room, they put on a bandage, and sent me to hospital:)... even unable to tie my shoe lace... i asked a small boy around 7 years to do it for me:), he was so nice omg:). His mother was smiling in front, i have to admit... i would be proud of a son like him too:). I lost a little bit because there are 2 parts of the hospital... they forwarded me to the right direction... and guess what was in the next corner? a guide-post: "undertaking" wow... i didn't think it's so serious:):). Anyways in the hospital everyone was so kind, and lovely:P. My hand is not broken yay!:) but useless for a week or so:( no cycling, no sports, no origami:''(. Since i didn't have any seriuos injury yet, no broken bones... so i felt kinda inviolable, just get some experience about the weakness of human body... :) Ok i won't sit home from now:), just got how easy to loose everthing you like to do... so maybe more care won't be stupid:). Typiing with one thumb now lol...:) pain to make anything with one hand... i feel like a half man:S i can't imagine how can some people live with this every day, and the knowledge it never going to be better :O. It's my worst nightmare: to not beeing able to take care of myself :x.


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