Sunday, April 20, 2008

2008 Season 2 ending

Is this a new serie?!:D So let's see the main characters:D. What remains from spring?! Look at this white haired old flower turning into bald. Spring is dieing:). But don't worry, the sun is shining ;).

These creatures... just called flowers because used to... reminds me to a 80 years old granny with tooth fallen out:).

The young generation.

WTF?! You are violating my private sandbox!!! GET OUT!!! NOW!! ADAM?!! DO YOU HEAR ME?!

There is hope left... :)


O'Seamus said...

Man, you know them...! I've so long had the belief there's nobody else can spot what green leafed fellows livin below knees!:) Those toothless grannies spread everywhere, especially next to and between railway lines all along... Think I need a little garden too, at once:) Thank you for this post, I laughed my head off:)

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