Sunday, May 11, 2008


I made a little "battle" scene :). Wizard from Satoshi Kamiya, Horse from Quentin Trollip, Armored knight from Noboru Miyajima. When the sorcerer meet the bad knights:). It's like from the game Diablo :):) (okok... those doom knights got different helmet, and there is no horse, but it's better with horse i think:P:)).
Tha bad guyz:

The sorcerer:

The battle:


O'Seamus said... made my whole childhood out of paper:) kinda weird lights and that bed-sheet... I'm totally impressed, glued to the screen for minutes:) Considering to make full Diablo quests, yep?:)

Anonymous said...

GJ m8 :) I hope u make some WoW character. Like Tauren, and Orc. :)


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