Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pillow cover

Mum had 3 pillows without cover, so i had to resize some oversized covers to make the pillows fit in :). I don't know you ever feelt like you have to teach mum sewing xD. It's kinda different to be home, my used tools are far away... took 15 minutes to find a sharp scissors... :D Just got a Fiskars tailoring scissors it's so awesome. :) There were no longer ruler than 30 cm o.O this can drive me crazy :D. The sewing machine worked alittle bit "rusty" too :D oh man i can't beleive this... :D anyway it's done. :P It's a funny situation when your father standing behind you, watching xD
I just can't forgot my friend's father yesterday in the car, he was driving... and i just mentioned i'm taking sewing lessons... he turned back after a minute or so... SEWING?! SERIOUS?! :D:D It was so funny omg. :D


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