Friday, April 23, 2010

Margaret island photos


Tнє ህαℓєntìnє gìяℓ said...

I love your photos , make sure you upload so9me to deviant art so when I finally get on there I can collect them :)I'm so happy you got a nice fancy lens ! I love macro photography [it's what turned me onto it] but I don't have enough for a good lens, so I am going to have one made for me out of a prignles can lol My image quality will degrade but .. not much I can do about that ^^

Any way , your doing a fantastic job:) Keep up the good work !

Ádám said...

Hey, thank you!
By the way all of theese shots in this post was made with canon 55-250 lens, wich is not the horror price category. Well it's autofocus is kinda slow for shooting small birds like these. You can also make good macro shots with it from 3 metres :)

Ádám said...

Oh I forgot ask... what is your deviant id?

Tнє ህαℓєntìnє gìяℓ said...

Oh Mine is waves-of-illusion , well for my art stuff.I have a writing account and a vanity account too lol

The quotes I have were around 224usd , so you're right it isn't horror price category lol I love that expression ! I just bought a fancy tripod and a 430 ex flash :D and my photo hobby expenses are well beyond tapped out lol I do the best I can with cropping/zooming and minimum focal distances :D

Yes Pringles :)

Tнє ህαℓєntìnє gìяℓ said...

Okay,so .. here is a couple photos I just tried sharpening up for you :)

I have programs to help me do this which are neat image,photoshop and a plug in called fractialus.

Gimp can be used too but I'm not quite sure how to use it yet.Pretty much what I did was apply a couple "unsharp mask" filters and then I used a "high pass" filter and set the layer mode to overlay.That might sound like nonsense but it is easy once your are used to it.

Hope you like em,if not that is ok too :) Just trying to help another creative mind out ^^

Ádám said...

Hihi, that stuff looks funny, can you make good photos with it?

Ádám said...

Wow, thank you, it's lot better, can you explain it a bit detailed, it would help me a lot! :)
Thanks! :)

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