Saturday, April 24, 2010


Tea making become photography. I couldn't make my mind to use my tripod, so the picture is a bit noisy... :(
Teafőzésből fotózás lett. Egyelőre nem sikerült rávennem magam az állvány használatára, emiatt kicsit zajos a kép... :(


Tнє ህαℓєntìnє gìяℓ said...

fixed a bit of the nose for you.I had to resize it to 1000 pixels because my demo edition of neat image ( noise reduction/sharpening software ) won't work on images larger than that.

I applied neat image and then used a layer mask to let the smoothed background show through while retaining the sharpness of the spoon ^^

I love the color and composition by the way.A whole other world exists along ours if but you only look and have the tools to capture it.You have a wonderful eye for such things :)

Ádám said...

Hm, good job!
Soo if I understand correctly you make the noise reduction, and put the original image behind and fade them together so the noise goes awa and the details still there?

Thanks! :)

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