Friday, December 2, 2011

Books: VOG - 50 hours of origami, Origami Sequence

Probably if I would be some kind of famous person, they would say... "The big return!" :)
I saw in the Origami forum that Nicolas Terry is just about to finish his new book, sooo I become really excited. :) In the meanwhile I noticed, Quentin got a book too, that cannot be missed! :) Also ordered some papers, I got big confidence in them. :):)
A nagy visszatérés... mondanák ha valami híres figura lennék... :)
Az origami fórumon láttam meg, hogy Nicolas Terry ismét ki fog adni egy könyvet, nagyon kíváncsi lettem. Közben észrevettem, hogy Quentinnek is megjelent egy könyve így az sem maradhatott ki. :) Rendeltem papírokat is, nagy bizodalmam van bennük. :)
Wenn ich eine Weltbekannte Person wäre, würde man sagen "Die große Rückkehr!":)
Ich habe auf Origami-Forum gesehen, dass Nicolas Terry mit seinem neuen Buch fast fertig ist. Ich war sehr aufgeregt. :) Dazwischen habe ich bemerkt, Quentin hat auch ein Buch! Man darf das nicht auslassen. :) Jetzt habe ich viele Papieren bestellt, Ich habe große Zuversicht mit ihnen. :):)


R.Alexandra said...

Following the diagrams are so hard for me ! It's the same with beading or crocheting.If it's not being done in 3 dimensions I just don't get it lol I'm sure you'll make some great things from them though !

Kiyomi Marin said...

seems interesting book :)
how many pages?

Origamib said...

what origami forums do you go on? I've recently found your blog and I'm loving the origami! I've already made your lily, although I changed it slightly for a square as I don't have pentagon paper, but it still turned out well!
I've been trying to make your rose and tulip aswell but there a bit more difficult

Ádám said...

@Kiyomi: it's about 200 pages

@Origamib: but I'm not really active

Anonymous said...

I folded the Samurai guy I don't this design, like the last step not enough detail for shape

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