Friday, December 9, 2011

Origami: Hoang Tien Quyet's Cat test fold

This cat is the love of my life... :)
Ez a macska életem szerelme... :)
Diese Katze ist die Liebe meines Lebens... :)
It's from my favorit cartoon: "Miaaúúú Szerénke!!!" The other one: devil-black Lukrécia :):):)
Kedvenc mesémből: "Miaaúúú Szerénke!!!" Na meg a kis ördögi fekete Lukrécia... :):):)
Aus meiner beliebten Fabel: "Miaaúúú Szerénke!!!" Na ja, und Lukrécia die andere dämonische schwarze Katze... :):):)


N. Reek said...

Please, i really need to fold this cat for my best friend gift and my book 50 hours of origami wont be delivered in time, so could u send me the cp or the diagram? I really need and i'm desperate,so if you can send to this email?

thank you very much, and ur cat is AMAZING! did u used wet folding?

Faustas said...

can some one send me diagram of this cat as well? It looks so amazing and I want to try to fold it. Big thanks in forward, my e-mail is

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